Beef Up Your App

August 20, 2014

by  Julia Maunder

Creative Licence Digital were proud to release SteakMate Japan to the App Store on the 18th August. This was in line with the launch of the campaign to increase awareness of the new Aussie Beef brand identity in Japan.

The campaign consists of a genius, giant sizzling steak placed on top of a bus stop converted BBQ in central Tokyo. Pretty spectacular to witness as this meat smokes and sizzles away with the overall goal to associate tasty Aussie Steak with glorious Summer BBQs. In conjunction with this passers by are encouraged to download the 'SteakMate' App to ensure their steak is cooked to perfection. Not only does this app link with the campaign experience but also provides a utility that will constantly remind the user of the new Aussie Beef brand identity.

This highlights the great opportunities that are often missed when launching an app into this highly competitive market. People need to know about it and then keep using it. Designing and developing should be one aspect of a big picture carefully strategised and planned within an overall brand campaign.

SteakMate App is a great example of how innovative a brand can be when building a campaign around an application. We hope this inspires a future trend of strategic App planning instead of aimlessly releasing another app into the ethos of undiscovered.

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