Hilton Surfers Paradise Unveils Leading iPad Technology

The application will allow hotel guests to uncover the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer, from the best cup of coffee to the best restaurants, family friendly beach or where to be fitted for a new bikini.

Hilton Surfers Paradise General Manager David Kelly said the iPad app would revolutionise the way guests experience the Gold Coast.

The application was developed with an intuitive, intelligent user interface. A key feature of the application is its ability to 'suggest' itineraries for guests based on simple demographic information using a few short questions. When a guest has identified a 'secret' they are interested in, they can add the activity to their itinerary, which they then print or email to use throughout their stay.

We are dedicated to providing the best guest experience, and with the new 'Hilton Surfers' Secrets' iPad app, we are allowing Hilton guests to get the most out of their stay on the Gold Coast.

David Kelly, General Manager
Hilton Surfers Paradise

Hilton has recognised the unparalleled levels of engagement that tablet devices like the iPad offer the user, namely what we call the 'touchscreen effect'. There is a level of intimacy that a touchscreen device delivers that is far in excess of anything experienced on a desktop. With the rich media available on the iPad, guests of the Hilton Surfers Paradise can fully immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the Gold Coast before making decisions on what to do on their stay.