Messenger Bot creating a unique experience at Facebook Events

Using the latest innovative technology, CLD has developed a bot for Facebook to transform their event experience while showcasing their latest product capabilities in action. The first Messenger Bot saw such an enormous success that it was quickly scaled for numerous events across the globe.

Event attendees are able to initiate conversation through Facebook Messenger to order complementary event items. Once conversing with users to narrow down their preferences, the bot actively keeps users updated on the status of their order. An admin User Interface allows event managers to manage the flow of orders on the day along with the ability to customise bot messages. In addition, the admin UI provided an easy Inventory management tool making sure out-of-stock items aren’t available through the Bot.

Since it’s initial implementation, the bot has seen huge success at a range of events, partnering with baristas and clothing merchandisers alike. Event attendees have raved about the ease of use and personal touch the bot brings to an event, while event organisers appreciate the streamlined and hassle free approach to inventory management and order delivery.