GraysOnline Improves Mobile Conversions by 50%

Grays approached CLD with a brief to redevelop their mobile site with particular focus on improving their mobile conversion rates. The Desktop site was experiencing over 1million unique users per month, making it one of Australia’s largest online retailers, but poor performance and compromised user experience on their mobile site was their biggest inhibitor to further growth. CLD provided a solution that increased mobile conversion rates by 50% within the first few months post launch.

From its modest beginnings in 2000, GraysOnline now receives over a million unique visitors per month. The leading online retailer and auctioneer believes the GraysOnline mobile site is key tactic in the company's efforts to stay ahead of the crowd in the online shopping marketplace.

Senior Product Manager at GraysOnline Dane Higgins reveals, “Delivering our products on a mobile friendly website has grown to be a real opportunity for GraysOnline, with the huge number of smartphone users throughout Australia, it's vital that our customers receive the same fluid shopping experience on the mobile platform that they already enjoy on the desktop. This is why we looked to Creative Licence Digital to build our new mobile site, given their proven expertise in producing mobile solutions.”

The GraysOnline mobile experience offers a simplified and intuitive experience, focused on fastest point to purchase and delivering the online shopping experience with simplicity and ease. In fact, users can navigate from the home page, select a product and be within the shopping cart in less than six touches.